Bulldozer Rescue

On Saturday 14th October our bulldozer blade decided to fall off whilst our commodore, Les, was preparing the beach for anglers to go afloat. There was a mad scramble to get the bulldozer moved away from the incoming tide which was only meters away. With all hands-on deck, including Ian our boatman, who was on holiday but dropped everything to help, our anglers managed to get the bulldozer and blade safely moved. The bulldozer is an important asset to the club and without it our anglers would not get afloat due to the large amount of shingle that builds up with each tide.

On further inspection of the bulldozer this week the hydraulic rams were found to be damaged. Les and Ian managed to strip them off and sourced two replacement rams. Unfortunately they didn’t come cheap but on hearing of the cost two of our anglers Ben Crease and John Morris have covered the amount, to which the club is extremely grateful.

The club has spent quite a few thousand already this year alone to keep the bulldozer up and running whilst also-looking at ways of funding a newer more up to date bulldozer. We do have a bulldozer fund at the club for anyone who would like to donate.

If you would like to donate any amount of money please get in touch, it will be gratefully received.