Crazy Horse News

Hi all it’s crazy horse the boatman

Here is the first of what will hopefully be my regular reports to keep you all informed of any changes, improvements and interesting information that is going on.

The major clear up of the boat compound is still in full swing and progressing nicely.

The concrete repairs to the runways is still ongoing.

We had some long conveyor belts which have now been cut up and are available in approximately 7 foot lengths for boat owners to use next to their boats as walkways.

The workshop has had a major clear out and I ask everyone who uses it to please keep it tidy and to remove your rubbish after you have used it.

Our members are reporting that the bass are starting to show in some numbers and there are still some cod on the reefs and rough ground. Some decent pollack are giving good sport on the wrecks and the plaice are showing in good numbers but are still a bit skinny.

The May rot (Gully Water) is starting to show as well with a few blooms spotted alongside the harbour, hopefully this will clear in the next two to three weeks and we can all enjoy a great seasons fishing.

See you on the beach

Ian the boatman