Leonie Fundraiser

Fundraiser success for East Hastings Sea Angling Association

East Hastings Sea Angling Association ran a fundraising draw through the summer, for a little girl called Leonie, who one of their committee members had been involved in fundraising for for some time. The event was proposed by Chris Cooper, who explained who Leonie was, and why he wished to run a fundraiser and the entire committee and club membership was supportive from the off.

Local businesses were approached for prizes and those who supported it were;

Porters restaurant, High Street, The Dolphin Pub, Rock a Nore Road, The Prince Albert, Cornwallis Street, Dee Day and Bev White, Courthouse Street, Motor Parts Direct, Roebuck Centre, Blue Reef Aquarium, Rock a Nore Road, Hastings Angling Centre, The Bourne, Holy Mackerel 1066 Ltd, Pinders Road.

Various other prizes included several 50 pound cash prizes, coffee machines and several other prizes from donations from the club, its members and social media followers of Leonie’s funding page and account.

The clubs caterers supplied a buffet and Amanda Porter sang free of charge.

The event raised nearly 1200 pounds and Leonie and her Mum and partner enjoyed their time in Hastings very much including a free tour of the Blue reef and a visit to the lifeboat station.

Thanks to all who supported it from Team Leonie and the East Hastings Sea Angling Association.

We are now very proud to be honourable members of the East Hastings Sea Angling Association.

Chris Cooper & all at the EHSAA raised a lot of money for Leonie this year! They’re all amazing people.

Thank you for everything & making us all feel special.

Would the following people please contact the club;

Danny Weston
Sue A
T. Hedley

There are unclaimed prizes for you.

Unclaimed Leonie draw prizes

Family pass Blue Reef Danny Weston.

50.00 cash prize Danny Weston

Wolf Point Wine Tony (contacted by phone)

50 pounds cash Nick Apps (contacted)

Bottle of whisky Helen Deeprose (contacted)

Pressure washer Kieth G (no contact information) square 793.

Bottle wine   T. Hedley (no contact information)