EHSAA Angling Competitions

Our competitions are held throughout the year. They bring our angling members together to put their skills and experience to the test. They are fun, add some competitiveness and excitement to our club. They are also all designed to target a specific species that is best fished for at that time of year.

These competitions are always fished as fair for all entrants as possible. You have just a as much chance to take the first place whether you are in a club boat, clinker, Cat or anything in between.

There are special categories for juniors, although there is nothing stopping you take the number one spot if you have got the skills!

Your target species of choice for any entry might all be different depending on the competition, but as the fishing has proved over the years anyone can win.

During a normal year, 5 main competitions are held. They are generally held in the following months:
April for our Spring Comp.
May for our Saturday Comp.
June for our Midsummer (Conger) Comp.
August for our Two-Day Comp.
October for our Winter Comp.

Dates are normally announced around the beginning of the year to allow you to put these in your diary along with the competition specific sheets that will give the competition details for the year including up to date weights and sizes.

Other competitions may be announced during the year depending on the quality of the fishing or demand from our members. Please keep an eye on the website, club Facebook page and make sure you are signed up for the notification texts as these will all help keep you up to date with the latest information.

All our competitions will have a specific date set. However, as you all know the weather is not always as organised as us and sometimes it’s not always safe to go afloat. We will always inform all anglers at 1300hrs the day before the competition, so you know ahead of time if the competition will be going ahead. In the event of bad weather, the competition will be rolled over to the next fishable Saturday or Sunday.

The EHSAA strives to keep ahead of ahead of the times and is dedicated to ensuring our sport is kept up to date with the latest of methods of conservation wherever possible. The competitions have adapted over the years to a point where we now have the optimal minimum size and weight limits for our catches. They are checked regularly to ensure the compliance with the Angling trust and issued at the beginning of each year. There are no undersize or endangered fish to be brought in for our competitions and for certain species we have raised the bar further to prevent low scoring fish from being brought to the scales unnecessarily and help protect their species.

Not all fish need to be killed when brought to the scales and we have a system in place to allow the safe return of live fish wherever possible and priority at weighing times will allow anglers wishing to return their catches live back to the sea. These methods for fishing responsibly will ensure the sustained survival of natural healthy stocks and ensure the fish are there for us to catch in the future.

We have an excellent selection of prizes and some incredible historic cups to be fished for at our competitions. All the cups given out throughout the year can be taken home if returned at the end of the year. The prizes include a mixed selection of items ranging from fishing equipment to vouchers.

Points are also awarded at each competition that get added together at the end of the year along with any other points you may accrue from any outstanding fishing and club specimen fish you may catch. Your total points will count towards the annual prize giving held every year where you get to join us up in the club house to show off and celebrate your angling prowess and share some fun stories of the ones that got away.

If you would like any other information or details upcoming competitions, please contact Richard Edwards on 07739684406, the club office on 01424 426644 or email us at