Clinker Fishing Boat Restoration

This 1969 elm on oak clinker boat was built at Phillips yard in Rye for one of our members and has always been an angling boat.

When I bought it it was in a bit of a state, the cabin and foredeck and deck was rotten. The inside and outside was stained with a really dark brown varnish.

It took lots of elbow grease, scraping and sanding of the hull inside and out to bring it back to the natural wych elm.

I lifted out the 2.5di ford transit engine with the PRM gearbox to sandblast and respray. Whilst it was out I changed the oil and filters.

I did 90% of the work outside on the beach as we were blessed with good weather early on in the year so it only need 2 weeks in the clubs workshop to do the six coats of international varnish.

Once I’ve had a trip out to make sure everything is ok I will be putting it on the market and hopefully it will stay at our club.

Les Watson